Core Capabilities

The Crux Analytics Team has the experience and expertise to support clients in the following functional areas:

Military Value Analysis

Crux Analytics developed the only quantitative method for evaluating the military value of an installation according to the BRAC definition.  This technique uses defense department data including facility specifications, historic BRAC data, base structure and manpower reports, land use planning and MilCon data, and information on projected weapons systems to measure military value and identify ways for military leaders to maximize the effectiveness of an installation.

Asset Value Analysis

Many private clients have large campuses that have asset management issues similar to those encountered at military bases.  We can apply our military value analysis methodology and help solve asset management and planning dilemmas to universities, firms with large industrial or office campuses, and local governments.  We use a data-driven process that allows an objective analysis of how organizations under- or overuse facility and infrastructure assets.  This analysis allows the Crux team to make concrete and executable recommendations for ways to reduce energy and water use, save on services, improve relations with community stakeholders, and share infrastructure with partners to create efficiencies. 

Public-Public/Public-Private Partnerships (P4)

The Crux Team includes analysts and facilitators who have supported the development of thousands of P4 partnerships at military installations across the CONUS area of operations.  Our people have comprehensive expertise and broad experience with all stages of the process, from stakeholder development and engagement, analysis of partner capabilities and needs, asset analysis, meeting planning and facilitation, and document preparation.  

Crux Analytics can develop partnership programs for clients of all types.  With our experience we can customize a program for states or local communities using either a stakeholder engagement “brainstorming” process or a top-down facility analysis that identifies specific partners and partnerships that provide specific efficiencies or savings.

Table Top Exercise Planning and Facilitation 

Our team has planned and facilitated TTX meetings at more than 50 Air Force installations across CONUS.  We can help clients create and support a Leadership Planning Committee and guide scenario development, identify relevant stakeholders, secure facilities and provide documents and materials, establish a plan for facilitating the meeting, and provide necessary expertise to allow clients to maximize exercise data capture.