Political Campaigns

Since 2018, Crux Analytics has expanded its scope of services to include support for political campaigns. This includes policy and opposition research and analysis, voter and volunteer mobilization, fundraising, and event planning.   Crux staff also has the expertise to train campaign staff.

In 2018, Crux supported the Suddarth for Congress campaign with policy work and field organization. This year, the Qasim Rashid for Congress campaign has engaged our staff for policy research and analysis on health care, broadband expansion, and other issue areas.

US Army Reserve Installation Management Directorate

In October 2016, SIA Solutions brought Stan in to create a partnership program for the US Army Reserve. This challenging project required engagement with four Readiness Divisions across CONUS and a search for regional partnerships since the Reserve has few large installations. Instead of a bottom-up process driven by community input and a series of facilitated meetings, staff developed a top-down system that focused on specific Army Reserve needs. Though funded for only one year, this program succeeded in bringing partnership training to Reserve leaders at the regional command and local Reserve Center levels and identified training, support services, and education partnerships the Army Reserve still pursues.

During this time, Stan also facilitated partnership planning and implementation meetings for the US Army Partnership Program.

Secretary of the Air Force – Installations and Environment

In 2012, Stan Scott joined a team of Booz Allen and Marstel Day staff to help create the Air Force Community Partnership Program from scratch after Congress passed legislation allowing military services to procure services from local governments on a sole source basis through Intergovernmental Support Agreements. The group developed methodologies, public relations strategies, stakeholder engagement plans, and staffing requirements before implementing the program at dozens of Air Force installations across CONUS.

Stan alone facilitated Table Top Exercise projects at 20 bases over three years, found partnerships that created efficiencies and saved money, and trained Air Force staff and local community leaders. This required developing subject matter expertise in public-public/public private partnerships, local community and military financing and staffing procedures, intergovernmental support agreements, civilian and military planning processes, and Air Force future basing planning.

This program delivered dozens of partnerships that saved – and continues to save – the Air Force millions of dollars. These include land use planning agreements and reduce encroachment, installation support service contracts that reduce the cost of base operations, education partnerships that expand opportunities for service members, and training partnerships that used shared facilities to improve wartime capability for the Air Force and emergency responder training for local agencies.

The Eastern Ohio Military Affairs Committee

In 2015, Crux Analytics conducted a Military Value Analysis of the Youngstown Air Reserve Station for the Eastern Ohio Military Affairs Committee.

This 4-month project used data from Air Force documents, Base Realignment and Closure recommendations and results, Military Capability Index data, military and local planning documents, Joint Land Use Studies, and Installation Complex Encroachment Management Action Plans to quantify the military value of this facility to the Air Force.  Our study identified more than ten specific recommendations for making the facility more valuable for military operations or alternative uses.

The EOMAC followed these recommendations and recently secured funding for a shared small arms firing range that will decrease the likelihood of realignment or closure of YARS should Congress authorize a new BRAC Commission or the Air Force consider realignment of missions to or from the Station.